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Come and join the Tucson Blues Dancers as we host a workshop featuring Monty Norris!

Monty has always loved dancing and, like most dancers, found his way into social dancing through lindy hop while on the Oregon Trail. From there, Monty jumped into dancing with both feet! He began learning multiple styles of dance separately then creatively and seamlessly integrating them together while simultaneously maintaining the delicate balance of the weight of ammunition to shoot at squirrels over his desire to kick little Jimmy out for always having dysentery. He has traveled, taught, and competed in many styles including lindy, blues, west coast, and bachata across the US and Canada but especially from that city of golden opportunity, Independence, to the luscious paradise of the Willamette Valley. Monty is passionately curious, has a severe addiction to connection, and an eye for the best places to ford rivers. Monty loves fusion and hopes to catch you all on the floor!

Keep your ears open for a House Party Friday Night! 

Saturday Workshop:

2:00-3:00-- Connection – delving into that mysterious force that draws us together by creating, crafting, and controlling the gooeyness of our dance 

3:30-4:30-- Close embrace – learn how to effortlessly move in and out of close embrace, what you should feel like, and telegraphing through body leads 

5:00-6:00-- Dips, tricks, and hijacks – several fun, easy, and safe stunts to pull out to add and embellish your dancing as well as add personality and flair!

Social Dance: 

8:00-9:30-- Santa Cruz Blues! With a fun, classic blues vibe and an impressive array of musicians, Santa Cruz Blues is a fun and lively band to dance to! Santa Cruz Blues was started in Tubac and Rio Rico Arizona as band that plays some shows but mostly just for fun. The members are Roy Timpson: Guitar. Sean Euphrat: Vocals and Guitar. Janet Euphrat: Bass. Gareth Ortiz-Timpson: Vocals and Guitar. Quintin Ortiz: Keyboard and Flute. Barbara Freischland: Drums.

9:30-10:45-- Monty Norris DJs!

10:45-Midnight-- Amber Kay DJs!

Monsoon Blues

Who's coming?!

Name City
Andrea Ang Singapore, Singapore
Joseph Bedard Tempe, AZ
Mitchell Benjes Tucson, ARIZONA
Nick Felag Tucson, AZ
Victoria Hermosilla Tucson, AZ
Amber Kingery Tucson, AZ
Sarah Magnuson Tucson, AZ
Nick Mercier Tucson, AZ
Andrew Purvis Vail, Az
tyler robbins phoenix, AZ

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